Michael Barin

Fine Jewelry for the Environmentally Conscience Connoisseur

Rose Gold South Sea Pearl Bracelet

18 Karat White Gold and 18 Karat Rose Gold South Sea Pearl Bracelet, accented with 0.77 CT F/VS White Diamonds. The clasp features delicate, hand engraved detail. Pearls are one of the first gems adorned by women and have been used as decorative items as far back as the 5th century BC. Over time, pearls became a status symbol personifying wisdom, power and wealth, and happen to be the only gemstones made by a living organism. South Sea pearls, produced in Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines, are renowned for their size, smoothness, and roundness. They range in size from 9-20mm (compared to the standard 2-10mm cultured pearls) and are naturally white, cream, or golden in color. The rarity and sensitivity of the type of oyster that produces these pearls makes cultivation much more difficult, making them more expensive.