Michael Barin

Fine Jewelry for the Environmentally Conscience Connoisseur

Platinum Diamond Ring

Platinum Diamond Ring with a Pear Shaped Center Stone, accented with Ideal Cut Micro Pave Diamonds. The sheer elegance and gorgeous curves of this pear shaped mounting are perfect for a unique woman who appreciates sensual design. Women who choose this shape are considered to have a strong sense of individuality, while simultaneously maintaining a soft, romantic demeanor. Those who indulge in pear shaped diamonds, tend to set high standards for themselves and everyone around them. This ring by Michael Barin is designed with high standards in mind - only the best for those who appreciate it. PLEASE NOTE, our price here reflects the platinum semi-mount only. Please contact us so that we can assist you with finding a desirable center diamond or provide us with the dimensions of your personal center diamond. This diamond must be Pear Shape cut and be a minimum of 2 CT.