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Organic Silver Snake Arm Cuff

One of the oldest mythological symbols, serpents have been been widespread in jewelry ever since the era of Ancient Egyptians. Although Cleopatra is perhaps the most well-known figure to adorn herself with snake jewelry, Greeks, Africans, and Native Americans also celebrated the symbolism of this iconic creature. The snake is so intriguing on account of its double meaning to mankind: good and evil, poison and antidote, fertility and rebirth, etc. However, each civilization traditionally interpreted its symbolism differently. For the Egyptians, it represented royalty, while Hindus saw it as a trove of sexual desire and passion. The Romans, on the other hand, considered serpents to be a symbol of everlasting love. We believe that the serpent reveals itself differently to every person, reflecting one's deepest desires. Designed to be worn above the elbow, this cuff bracelet is molded out of flexible Organic Silver that does not contain any added alloys or metals. 18K Rose Gold frames the vibrant 10.12 Carat Spessartine Garnet center stone as well as accentuates the eyes of the serpent.

Serpent (2).jpg