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Ruby Ring

Red is the color of our most intense emotions - love, anger, passion. In Ancient Egypt, it was even regarded as the "king of precious stones." Just like red roses and red Ferraris, this ruby ring will get your heart beating. The brushed white gold perfectly complements the deep, crimson tones of the intricately cut ruby slice. The encrusted white diamonds add a generous touch of luxury, while the delicate rose gold on the inside of the band is unmistakably feminine. 18 Karat White Gold, 18 Karat Rose Gold, and 10.27 CT Ruby Slice Ring, accented with 0.15 CT Diamonds. Measurements: Length: 1 in Width: 0.75 in Size: 6.5*


Ruby Earrings

With a bit of an Oriental flare, these dangle earrings are a show stopper! The delicate pink Rubies perfectly complement the rich, succulent Garnet center stones. Along with about a half a carat of luscious White Diamonds, the Rubies and Garnets are set in vivid Yellow Gold. The combination of the gemstones creates a timeless color palette that, along with the fluid design, create a truly one of a kind masterpiece. 6.40 CT Garnet Center Stones accented with 0.31 CT Rubies and 0.45 CT White Diamonds, all set in 18 Karat Yellow Gold. Measurements: Length: 1.75in

Ruby Earrings

Adorned with fourteen dazzling, rustic rubies, these dangle earrings are a real work of art. A sparkling, satin finish on some of the gold beads adds a touch of sophistication to this already elegant design. Beautiful on any skin tone, the deep gold hues are perfectly complemented by decadent rubies, making this bracelet ideal for casual wear or a special night out. These earrings are 2.75 inches long. Matching 22 Karat Gold and Ruby bracelet is available. When paired together, the earrings and bracelet create a perfectly elegant, old-world ensemble. 


Rolex Ruby Cufflinks

The Name "Rolex" was born in 1908 and has been at the forefront of luxury timepieces since then. Michael Barin has take the name a step further and seamless integrated self-winding, genuine Rolex movements into these unisex cufflinks. Approximately the size of a quarter, these dazzling cufflinks are framed with 0.85 carats of rubies to match the ruby accents in the movement. The movement is set in decadent 18 Karat White Gold that features intricate engravings.