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June Birthstone (Moonstone)

In Europe, moonstone is considered to be the birthstone for June, although in the United States it shares that distinction with alexandrite and pearl. Moonstone is also the stone traditionally given in celebration of the 13th anniversary of marriage.

It is easy to see why ancient Hindu mythology believed moonstone was made of solidified moonbeams. In 100 AD, the Romans made jewelry with it and thought it was magically formed out of moonlight. Ancient Greeks linked the stone with the moon deities.

Moonstone comes from the mineral family feldspar, which is one of the most plentiful in the world, however fine gem quality moonstone is scarce. It's internal structure scatters the light that strikes it, creating a phenomenon known as adularescence. The more shimmer the stone has, the more valuable it is.

As you gaze into this hand-fabricated moonstone ring, it is easy to see why this ethereal gemstone has long been regarded to have calming, healing properties. Legend also says that two people wearing moonstone will fall passionately in love during a full moon.