Michael Barin

Fine Jewelry for the Environmentally Conscience Connoisseur

Organic Silver

If you've been keeping track of our various social media accounts - including Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook - then you may be wondering why we're making such a fuss about Organic Silver. Rest assured, we've got the answers to all your questions right here. 

So, what exactly is Organic Silver? According to Michael Barin himself, Organic Silver is "the purest form of silver without added alloys." Just in case you dozed off during your high school chemistry class, alloys are substances composed of two or more metals, rather than just one metal. This is where the term "Organic Silver" stems from - silver without any additives. 

Each of Michael's pieces are hand-forged using recycled silver, with most pieces being one-of-a-kind. When asked why he prefers Organic Silver to "regular" silver, Michael says, "it is a form of environmental conservation - we save the planet while creating wearable works of art." Wearing beautiful jewelry AND saving the planet? Who can say no to that? :)